Consumer and Enterprise

Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES), an innovator in satellite and multi-transport technologies and networks since 1971, provides broadband equipment and services; managed services featuring smart, software-defined networking; and end-to-end network operation for millions of consumers, businesses, governments and communities worldwide. The Hughes flagship Internet service, HughesNet®, connects millions of subscribers across the Americas, and the Hughes JUPITER™ System powers Internet access for tens of millions more worldwide. Hughes supplies more than half the global satellite terminal market to leading satellite operators, in-flight service providers, mobile network operators and military customers. A managed network services provider, Hughes supports nearly hundreds of thousands of enterprise sites with its HughesON™ portfolio of wired and wireless solutions.

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An innovator in satellite and multi-transport technologies and networks for 50 years.


HughesNet®, operated by Hughes, is the #1 satellite Internet service, serving millions of subscribers across North and South America.



Credit/debit transactions, inventory control, distance learning, digital signage, Voice over IP (VoIP) and access to the cloud are some of the many enterprise applications of broadband technology from Hughes. Every time you buy a lottery ticket, swipe your credit card, or watch an in-store promotion on a large TV screen, it’s likely that Hughes is delivering the service.

Turn your network into the high-performance engine you need to power your business. HughesON is a suite of managed solutions that help you empower your network and your business with new, cutting-edge technologies available only from Hughes.


Products and Services

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Global Communications

International industry leaders across all verticals rely on Hughes for highly secure and reliably managed network solutions. Hughes services businesses in the U.S., Europe, Brazil and India, offering comprehensive managed network solutions, while Hughes technology also is used by service providers around the world to power their satellite connectivity solutions.

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Broadband for Government

Hughes takes great pride in applying its proven commercial network technologies to deliver cost-effective, leading-edge solutions to government agencies. Hughes offers emergency communications solutions for disaster response agencies with critical communication networks that need to stay online during emergencies. Hughes technology and services support the many missions of government with network and digital media solutions that enable agencies to better assist the public.


Military Communications

Hughes offers innovative SATCOM solutions to its military customers around the world. To meet the demands of our customers, the Hughes Defense and Intelligence Systems Division (DISD) has taken our proven commercial network technology and enhanced it to meet military requirements. Every year our engineers are bringing new and better SATCOM network solutions for airborne, land-mobile and maritime applications, as well as man-pack terminals for small/patrol units on foot.